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Meet David a Squarespace Website Designer & Support Service


I help businesses turn their passion into a marketable, profitable business.



Squarespace Design Studio, Google Adwords Marketing Services, & Orphan Care Activist.

Squarespace Website Designer

David Iskander's Squarespace Website Designer services has serviced businesses for many different types of industries. Graphic Designers, Event Planners, Designers, Florists, Agencies, Startups, and Tech Companies trust our design, service, and quality results. 

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Squarespace Website Custom Coding

David Iskander's Squarespace Website Services are coupled with custom coded solutions to fix ANY of your business needed. 

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Squarespace Tech Support Retainer

The newest service added to the Squarespace design Studio, David Iskander offers monthly Squarespace Support for Startups, small business, and e-commerce platforms. Our team can fix anything, code anything, create anything for one flat monthly investment. 

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Google Advertising Setup and Retainer

David Iskander's AdWords Support can help get your business launched onto Google. No need to sweat SEO. Start advertising your business and be the first search results your customers see!

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Orphan Care Support

In 2012, I went to Myanmar for an orphan care support trip and it changed my life. We now run Love Children's Home, bringing hope to 100s of orphans around the world.

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the Mission Journal

I created the Mission Journal to help short-term missionaries process their mission trip and keep the memories for years to come. 

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About David Iskander

My purpose is to be the voice for orphans burdened by a lack of basic needs.

I balanced my orphan care with a fulfilling day job building and maintaining Google AdWords campaigns and building websites. 

I'm here to help. I have a few talents but they all come from one place: my desire to help people move forward in life with excellence. 

Fun Facts About Me

I am 100% Egyptian
I have lived in Berlin, Germany
I don't sleep on a bed
I had an afro in 2011
When I find a song I love, I am prone to listen to it 400x that week
I usually drink cappuccino's at coffee shops in paper cups (never ceramic)
I bleached my hair white this year

Countries Visited

United Kingdom // Germany // France // Spain // Italy (3x) // Egypt // Mexico // Myanmar (5x) // Vietnam // South Korea // Singapore

Travel Goals:
Taiwan, Japan, Egypt (again), and to live one day live in Singapore.



Southern California, USA


Giving Back


Another pillar of David Iskander's services is the desire to give back to those in need. We donate a portion of every service back to orphans in SouthEast Asia. 

With your support we’ve provided over food, shelter, and education to 500 kids

We partner with an amazing organization, Love Children's Home, that creates opportunity for hundreds of orphans. We are so grateful for the support of our customers that enables us to give back to these children!