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Adwords Case Study

AdWords Case Study

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Increase Patient Recruitment

Getting potential patients for clinical trials recruited is something that makes nurses, doctors, clinics, medical companies, and marketing agencies happy. 

In late January, we restarted a campaign. When I optimized the account, I optimized the structure, ad copy, and settings. And some big things changed. We averaged about 136 conversions per month for the six months before. After optimizing the account, we hit 225 conversions with an average cost of $9.73 per conversion!

That was nearly 1.5 conversions more and a lowered cost per conversion of 40%!

Get the Office Full

Many clinical trials struggle to bring in patients for their studies who are qualified. Qualified patients aren't typically searching for clinical studies unless advised by a doctor or close friend. So, getting a stream of potential qualified traffic to even a web page could be tough.

Thus, recruitment is challenging. 

In this particular campaign, we were running campaigns throughout the US with over 50 different study centers. In October 2016, I began managing this account.

With keyword research and reviewing the previous three-months the team set out to lower CPC and increase goals. I created new keyword lists separated into more ad groups. I made adjustments to the settings. In the end, we had some great results. For the same budget, CPC dropped by over 30%. That got us 2,500 more clicks. But more clicks isn't always good, unless they are qualified.

And the results shows that they were, our target goals increased by 12%.

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