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Orphan Care // Myanmar

Orphan Care + Sending Teams

Orphan Care

A few young adults volunteer to bring together a great orphan care program for 100+ children to build relationships and be sponsored. Visit lovechildrenshome.org to learn more.

Sending Teams

In the past five years I have served a network of thirteen orphanages caring for 500 plus children in Myanmar. Each Christmas, I lead a team of 5 to 30 people to execute a multilayer project. We gather donations like clothing and medical supplies to bring to the orphanage. We design VBS programs for the children. Dance on Christmas day. Teach English to the young adults at the orphanage. We also bring lots of candy. They LOVE American candy. (Interesting in joining? Visit this link)

A major challenge we face is bringing together diverse individuals into one authentic community to serve the orphans. Team members have various backgrounds and come from different generations. This takes humility. This takes people serving outside of their comfort zone. My duty as leader and program developer is to make sure I give everyone a safe environment to try, fail, and succeed. And at the same time, making sure we are bringing positive impact the local community. In the end, I am proud to say we have been very successful.

In Southern California, we have patterned with a local high school, a local college, and even Stussy to gather donations. After my first year, we also created http://lovechildrenshome.org to raise awareness and develop a child sponsorship program. In total, we have raised over $380k through volunteers and team events.

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